Cultured dairy produce from cows treated with kindness and respect

Southdowns Dairy is a small artisan creamery making live natural yoghurt, fromage frais and whole milk at South Farm, Rodmell. We only use the milk from the farm so we know it comes from happy, healthy cows. The herd of British Friesians was established in 1929 and the land continues to be expertly farmed by the Wettern family. They combine traditional and modern methods to produce beautiful, creamy, delicious milk. The cows graze outside on grass throughout the year and the extensive farming system means we don’t need to use artificial inputs to keep the cows healthy.


We make our yoghurt and fromage frais in small batches at low temperatures which helps to preserve the natural enzymes, nutrition and flavour of the milk. With a small herd on very extensive chalk grassland and delicate processing the milk the produce retains the taste of the South Downs. 

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Now stocked at:

Infinity Foods, Brighton

HISBE, Brighton

Seed'n'sprout, Kemptown

Kernel, Hove

Springbarn Farm, Kingston

Kingston Village Shop

Sussex Peasant, mobile farm shop

Middle Farm, Firle

Rushfields Garden Centre

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Whole milk, yoghurt, fromage frais and cultured cream!

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