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The milking herd at South Farm is made up of British Friesens (predominantly black with white patches) and traditional Herefords (brown cows with a lovely white face). These are much hardier beasts than the ubiquitous and high maintenance Holstein Friesiens which are valued by many farmers in modern times for their high milk production. The British Friesens are able to thrive in the British climate and as much of the grazing land is free-draining chalk the cows are able to range freely over pasture all year round. Housing and additional feed is provided over the winter period, the cows will seek to graze on pasture before returning to the farm at night.


The sympathetic farming system and the suitability of the cows for the land mean that they are healthy and happy animals. Although the farm is not certified as organic, Fred and Emma have always farmed to keep the use of agricltural chemicals and antibiotics to a minimum.

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